Christmas at Dorans 2019

Well that was quick wasn’t it?

A late Merry Christmas to all our friends, families and customers! We just want to thank everyone who shopped at Dorans on the Pier this year and helped support our business. Like always, we’re exceptionally busy during the holidays and with us all running around like headless chickens we probably didn’t get around to saying thanks to all our wonderful clients.

The past year has been great for us but like always, we’re excited to get back into routine and give 2020 as much of a bash as we can!

We’d also like to acknowledge all of those that came down to our Santa’s Grotto here beside the shop, it was tough getting him here so close to Christmas but managed to sway him in the end. We hope everyone had a great day and overall enjoyed the experience. We were delighted with what we could donate to the Saint Francis Hospice, and managed to bag a slot with Santa Claus again next year. Let’s make a tradition of it!

Thanks to …

Sean Doran for being Sean Doran

The boys in the factory – Bart, Conor and Carl, who do everything with a smile on their face even though the customers can’t see them.

The girls in the kitchen – Jackie, Andzela, Áine, Lauren and Safia, for keeping everyone fed, and by everyone we do mean the staff as well.

The girls in the office – Chloe, Siobhán and Aideen, for making sure we’re all happy, literally of course but also financially.

Our delivery drivers – Robbie and Richard, who would drive to the ends of the earth for us (reluctantly albeit, but still).

And finally everyone in the shop – Matt, Jola, Denis, Anthony, Antonio and last but not least Laoíse. We cannot stress how much we appreciate the stress yous go through.

Thanks to our friends in Octopussy’s and The Oar House too.

Roll on 2020!

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