Doran’s Group launches sustainable procurement policy

As our next step on our sustainability journey, the team at Doran’s, our restaurants and the Howth School of Fish are concentrating on sourcing sustainable products where possible.

Our ideal scenario is to work with products that have only been grown or produced on the island of Ireland to minimise our carbon footprint.

Being realistic, this is not entirely possible, not yet anyway, but in training and educating our managers and staff, we can at least initiate a change in mindset that will lead to better choices when we are purchasing products for our businesses.

By sustainable, we mean products that have had minimal impact on the environment during their production, have been produced ethically and no human rights have been infringed in the production process, and that where possible, no chemicals were used in the production process.

It is not possible to immediately dicated our policies to our suppliers.  We understand that some companies may not be at the same point as us on their sustainability journey.  In time we hope that our sustainable purchasing policy will be in line with those of all of our suppliers.

Read our full sustainable procurement policy here   OPEN DOCUMENT