Satisfy your Hunger with the Fish Monger

Satisfy your Hunger with the Fish Monger
Satisfy your Hunger with the Fish Monger

Happy new year everyone!

2019 was brilliant for us and we like to think that with every single year that passes we learn more and more and grow bigger and bigger. One things we take full advantage of here in Howth are our beautiful panoramic views and most importantly, our fresh seafood.

So we’ve made it that bit easier for you! Whether it’s a cold and windy day, enough to tear the nose off you – why not come into Dorans and grab a cup of Fresh Hot Chowder?Likewise, If it’s a beautiful day and the sun is splitting the trees, drop into us and pick up some delicious Cajun calamari or some freshly cooked prawns. Our seafood salads are a spring/summer staple if you’re out and about or plan on having a picnic.

Fish & Chips

Our fish and chips are probably the most popular among our customers, we’ve found that once someone steps out of Dorans, everyone else on the West Pier that manages to spot a glimpse of it comes into us to get the same thing. We like to use the freshest fish possible so feel free to ask the girls in our kitchen what the fish of the day is – we alternate between haddock, hake and cod. Sometimes simple food is always the best, which is why our fresh fish and chunky chips fly out the door.

For €9.90, you get a box of chunky home cut chips, a fresh fillet of white fish, a wedge of lemon and a tartare sauce.


Fancy just a small bite to eat? Don’t think you could manage the full fish and chips, then our Calamari is the one for you. Our squid rings are lightly battered and fried to perfection right in front of you, get them plain or with a lemon-y Cajun seasoning – a favourite among those that know to ask for it. The perfect bite to eat that’s not too heavy.

Served with a sweet chili sauce we think pairs very well with calamari and for only €6.00.

Scampi & Chips

Want something that’s made fresh that morning? Love prawns? For our Scampi, we batter and bread them by hand every morning using big huge king prawns. Forget all those small ones – we love the big guys because we know you do too. Perfectly fried and put on top of a portion of hearty home cut chips, served with some tartare sauce and lemon just like our fish and chips and all for the same price!

Fish cakes & Crab cakes

Our fresh fish cakes, chili crab cakes and spicy prawn balls are a staple in our deli. Get them fried and topped with whatever sauce you’d like or get them packed up so you can bring them home and cook them yourselves. Our fish cakes are €2.50 each, the crab are €3.00 and you can get 3 of our spicy prawn balls for €5.00.

Staff favourite? 3 spicy prawn balls topped with shredded scallion and our home made hot mayo. Absolutely delicious, if there’s none left on the counter it’s probably because we’ve eaten them all, whoops!

Seafood Salad

Our seafood salad is a fish lover’s dream lunch. For €6.00, get a lightly dressed salad with your choice of prawns; garlic or piri piri, crayfish and anchovies. And then choose from smoked salmon, baked salmon or smoke mackerel salad to top it off. Perfect lunch for a crisp day, very popular among our customers.

Seafood Chowder

If you’re looking for something to warm you up, our fresh seafood chowder is just the thing for you. So good we supply restaurants with it! SO creamy and served with homemade brown bread, like a hug – but from the inside. Our chowder is also made with gluten free products – so perfect for those with a gluten intolerance that don’t want to miss out on the delicious seafood.

Patés and Spreads

Want something a bit smaller but just as tasty? Here in Dorans we make everything that goes onto our shelves with a Dorans sticker on it, you can bet that means all our delicious smoked salmon paté, smoked mackerel patés and various side salads. It’s not always in special – but if you see it on the shelf, don’t be afraid to ask for some bread bread and some lemon. The perfect light lunch to enjoy out in the sea air!


Our fish cakes and crab cakes go down a treat with all the little pirates that come into us, perfectly mashable for your baby needs too, find more at! A lot of our regulars love to bring these home for their little ones who are lacking in the ol’ teeth section.

We also serve kid’s goujons and chips – we don’t want anyone missing out on that super fresh fish we have an abundance of. Similarly with the fish and chips, our goujons are made from whatever fish we have that’s the freshest and served with a smaller portion of chips and a tartare sauce.

Come out to us and we’ll sort you out as best we can! Have any special requirements or fussy requests? Don’t be afraid to ask us and we’ll do the best we can to make sure you don’t go hungry, or cold so we recommend chandler ac repair service estimate. Also please don’t hesitate to ask what we make our food with either, we’re all too aware of allergens so if you’re worried about something just shoot your questions at those in the kitchen or behind the counter.

We make everything with fresh ingredients – so don’t expect our deli counter to look the same every day. Come down and say hello, and if you’re not in the mood for anything then and there – take a look at our ready to cook section!

Our Deli is open every day from 11am – 5pm

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